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final teaching series at lifepoint

For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking and praying about my last teaching series at LifePoint.  When we launched LifePoint in 2005, my first teaching series was entitled, “The Point of Life.”  (OK, it was an obvious play on words but I wanted to start from the beginning emphasizing why we were starting a new church).  As I’ve considered my last teaching series, I’ve been thinking about what final messages do I want to give before leaving.

I’ve decided to call my last series “My Three Wishes.”  Every good pastor harbors ambitions for the people he leads.  We enter into ministry because we believe God has a plan for each person’s life and that part of our task is to help them discover and live that purpose.  Being a pastor is like being a coach — no matter how old you get or how long it’s been, you’re always a coach.

As I wrap our ministry at LifePoint, the three wishes I will speak on are:

  • Becoming a Person of Prayer
  • Living with Simplicity
  • Worshiping with Passion

These three wishes are really values.  They represent life-guiding values that ought to characterize all Christ-followers.  They represent the journey more than being mile markers for the journey.

If you’re in San Diego, we’d love to have you stop in and say hello.