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first impressions

We had a good First Impressions Fall Kick-Off at Mountainview Church on Saturday.  Those who serve on one of our First Impressions teams are great people who create a welcoming environment for guests and regular attenders alike.  The bulk of the meeting was spent sharing why it’s important to create a welcoming presence for people who are new to church.  I shared a few practical thoughts and ideas:

  • Welcoming people to church is modeling the behavior of God, who welcomes us each back home.
  • Viewing newcomers as guests and yourself as a host changes the way you look at Sunday mornings.
  • By being hospitable you have the opportunity of being “the first person I met when I started attending this church” for someone new to church.
  • People who come uninvited are coming because something is happening in their life that has spurred them to attending church.  These people deserve our best and full attention.
  • It’s hard for those of us who have been in church for several years or more to remember what it was like the first time we attended church.
  • Good hospitality is small things done well and done repeatedly.

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  • Steve Shelanskey says:


    I used to be very intimidated by the greeters at some Churches, but I always feel very welcomed and at home by ours at Mountainview.