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floating our boats

Last Saturday it rained cats and dogs, with my apologies to cats and dogs. We’re talking serious rain, not the light sprinkle that most San Diegans confuse for a downpour. At about 9:00 AM I got Hannah and Hope together to make boats out of Tupperware and we sailed them along the curb. It reminded me of a similar time in my own childhood. We were visiting Grandma Hensley in West Plains, Missouri, and it thunderstormed. My cousin and I improvised boats out of old milk cartoons and set sail. Grandma lived on a steep hill and the boats often went faster than we could run.

Good times …

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  • db says:

    Dude! Should have brought your boats up to Descanso and played in the snow. Got a foot or so over the weekend.

    As to your jury duty, I agree, but “count it all joy.” More fun blogging from a coffee shop than the county courthouse, I’m sure.

    Although, a pastor liveblogging a court case does sound very interesting…

    Grace and Peace,