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Each day at Opportunity Camp I’m sharing a parable from Jesus.  Today’s parable was “The Unmerciful Servant.”  It’s the story (Matthew 18:21-35) of the man who is forgiven of a multi-million dollar debt who refuses to forgive a fellow co-worker of a few bucks.

It’s a powerful story about forgiveness and perspective.

How easy it is for us to want to be forgiven; how hard it is for us to be forgiving.

After tonight’s talk, a little boy eight or nine years-old approached me on the stage.  He whispered a question: “How many times do I have to forgive someone who is mean to me?  Do I really have to forgive them hundreds of times?”

And then he said something that nearly broke my heart: “I really want him to like me but he doesn’t.”

He was referring to another camper.  His eyes were tearing up, which made my eyes more likely to tear up as well.

I told him to treat the other camper the way he would want to be treated — and to not hold a grudge against him.  I also mentioned that there were plenty of other campers he could be friends with during the remainder of the week.

Forgiveness is tough, even through the eyes of an eight year-old at camp.