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The only time I’ve traveled in the back of a police car was on the 4th of July.

I hadn’t been arrested, though it felt like it.  A few of us kids from the neighborhood were playing with firecrackers – and we found that by throwing them under a trash can made the explosion sound that much louder.  Unfortunately, it also sounded like a gun shot.

I’ll never forget seeing two cops come running around the back of my friend’s house.  After talking with us about “how serious the situation was” they put me in the back of the car and drove me home.  My mom just about died (I was only in elementary school at the time).

I didn’t experience too many of the joys of freedom that July 4th night.

But I have experienced the joy of freedom.  I’m blessed to live in a free country.  I’m blessed to enjoy free WiFi spots.  More than that, I’ve experienced the freedom of being in Christ.