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from past to present tense

Even if you’ve never read the book that inspired it, you’ve have certainly seen a bumper sticker, t-shirt, or bracelet that read “WWJD?”

For the snarky among us, it does not stand for What Would Jesus Drive? but for What Would Jesus Do?  Hybrid owners have been misled.

WWJD comes from a book by Charles Sheldon entiled, “In His Steps.”  It is the story of how Sheldon challenged his church to constantly ask themselves the question, “What would Jesus do?”  If faced with a difficult decision or choice, “What would Jesus do?”  It is a question that forces people to remember that they serve a higher purpose than just their own desires.

But the question is not entirely accurate.  We can certainly ask “What would Jesus do?” and find examples of how he treated people, handled their criticisms, and treated the hurting with compassion.

But what if we also asked, “What is Jesus doing?”  Do you see the difference?

WWJD puts Jesus in the past; WIJD brings him to the present.  Truth is, Jesus is still very much present … and very much active.  Jesus is at work in your life, family, church, and world.

I would like to know what he’s up to so I could join in.

It’s not wrong to ask “What would Jesus do?” — just don’t stop there.  Don’t keep Jesus in the past tense.  Following Jesus is very much about walking faithfully in the present.