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geico and the gospel

“Can Geico really save you fifteen percent or more on your car insurance?  Is Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones too tall?”

That’s the line from a new Geico commercial.  For years, I have loved watching Geico commercials … the gecko, the cavemen, and now this guy who has his hair slicked back and looks a bit like Pierce Brosnan.

Why can’t the church be as creative as Geico?  We’re not peddling insurance; we sharing the good news that Jesus Christ has come to redeem people from darkness and bring them into the light.

Yet, in many churches we avoid the heavy-lifting required to be creative.  We offer up to those who find their way to our pews something we have warmed up from another church.  Or worse, we don’t even bother to warm it up.

God deserves better.  People’s eternal destinies hang in the balance.