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Generosity is not About Your Wallet

Contrary to popular opinion, generosity is not about your finances or how much you give, or even how you give. If popular opinion decided to award Will Ferrell an Emmy for Anchorman, I might agree with popular opinion. But when it comes to generosity, popular opinion is often wrong.

Unfortunately, this faulty reasoning often leads to inaction. Sometimes we use the excuse that because we cannot give a lot (meaning the amount of money) we’re not going to give at all.

This is because another popular opinion in our cultures says, bigger is better. Here’s the reality: Bigger giving is not better. Better giving is better.

Generosity is more about your heart than it will ever be about your wallet.

Some of the most generous people I know give out of relative poverty. I know very busy people who find time to volunteer and serve.

It’s not the amount but the motive. It’s not according to what you don’t have, but according to what you do have.

Don’t let an inability to do more keep you from doing something.

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