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going through your closet

When we enter into a relationship with Jesus, we give him the right to go through our spiritual closet and add new items, as well as throwing out a few things.  I can just imagine Jesus saying, “These pants really don’t match that shirt any more.  Throw them out.”

That’s one of the reasons that salvation is also referred to as conversion or transformation.  It’s not just about “being saved.”  It’s about being transformed into the likeness of Jesus.  No small task.

What gets converted?  For one thing, Jesus has given us a new way of conducting ourselves in our relationships.  To be thrown out are things such as selfishness, greed, conceit, envy … those old clothes that endanger our relationships.  It might have been comfortable to wear selfishness on a cold winter’s day, but it’s not appropriate anymore.

We also take on new goals as part of this conversion process.   As Christ-followers, we no longer live for ourselves but for him who loved us and gave his life for us.  Our new heart beats with the Savior’s heartbeat.

What new clothes are you wearing?