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good conversation

Our girls had friends over to swim today and I had the opportunity to enjoy good conversation with the dad of the other two girls.  He’s a deep thinker who is well-read on a variety of topics and has an ability to weave multiple threads together into one coherent paragraph.   I enjoy our conversations because I know they are going to cause me to think about something I haven’t thought about before — or to look at something in a different way.  Our conversation ranged from politics to economics to theology, often blending them into the same topic.

Good conversation not only helps to pass the time, it helps to expand the mind.  Christ-followers ought to be among the most well-read folks around.  And not just reading books that reinforce an existing belief or position.  We need to read books that challenge and stretch us.  We (especially pastors) need to read books in disciplines outside of theology.

If we are to be bridge builders between Jesus and our generation, it means being well-versed in the prevailing thoughts of each.  Truth has nothing to fear.  And what we gain is the opportunity to speak with credibility — potentially opening a door for the message of Jesus.