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good poetry and God’s love

Good poetry does more than just state facts.  Instead, it paints pictures, evokes feelings, and heightens our awareness of our surroundings.  A good poet is like a symphony conductor, drawing from multiples sources to create beautiful music.

The last poem of David contained in the book of Psalm is like that.  In Psalm 145, David throws image after image at us, or as Lloyd Oglivie says, “An overload of synonyms.”

This weekend we will be exploring David’s description of the love of God — what a topic!  The rich, full, abounding love of God.

The amazing part is … it’s not just reserved for stars and mountains.  The love of God is directed at his crowning creation: you and me.  It was St. Augustine who said, “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.”

Read that again.