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good to be contagious

Have you received a flu shot yet?  The change in season brings a new round of sniffling, sneezing, and wheezing.  If you catch a cold, remember to wash your hands.
Most of the time it’s not a good thing to be contagious.  The folks around us may love our sense of humor but they’re not big on our germs.  It’s why wash our hands, cover our mouths, and stay home when we’re really sick.  (Unless you’re a parent, then you send your kid off to school).
But there are times when it’s good to be contagious and one of those is when it comes to being generous.  We may not wish to receive someone’s germs, but receiving their generosity is another matter.  And as far I can tell, spreading generosity is a socially-acceptable thing to do.
Barry Cameron’s book, “Contagious Generosity: The Key to Blessing”, makes a strong case for why it’s important to be generous: “When we are generous, we are more like God.  Generosity reflects the character of God.”  From the time of creation to Jesus on the cross, God has displayed his wonderful generosity towards us.
The challenge, as Cameron describes it, is this: “We’re great keepers, but not so great givers … You and I weren’t created to keep anything.  We were created to give.” 
“Contagious Generosity” is only seven chapters long but is packed with solid Biblical teaching that will encourage, inspire, and challenge you to think about your resources differently.