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granola and a few other thoughts

Since Tonya and I have been trying to “count our points” each day, I’ve discovered a new attraction to granola. Granola bars, granola cereal, granola in my yogurt. I have consumed more granola in the past month than in the past five years. Yummy!

I’ve also been working on the drafts of a new direct mail campaign for LifePoint. To keep costs down, we’re handling the design in-house and it has been fun to stretch a bit. You can view the first working samples here. These are scaled down to 800px width and compressed for quicker viewing. The originals are much bigger (6×9).

Last Sunday we had our first guest speaker — Steve Denney. Steve and his wife, Ali, have relocated to San Diego to start a new church downtown. I’ve grown to enjoy Steve’s friendship and we hope to be supportive in whatever way we can.

Our worship band continues to get better with each Sunday. A few weeks ago we fielded a band that included an acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. Every now and then we’ll throw in an organ blend just to mix it up. We’ve been blessed to have God assemble a talented mix of musicians with servant hearts.

Tonya and the girls only have about 10 days of school left and then they will be out for the summer. Tonya will be teaching third grade in the fall (she’s been teaching first grade) and she’s excited about the change.

Tip of the day: Nature Valley’s “Oats and Honey” granola bars only have four points total.