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great start to E4U

We had a great kick-off to E4U at Mountainview last night.  E4U is our new spiritual formation initiative, based on four tracks (or themes) of spiritual development and growth.

Overall, we had more than 120 people involved in a Bible class last night (including our Women’s Encounter group).  This isn’t including the over 100 kids and adults involved in 24-7, our Tuesday night kid’s program.  It was exciting to see the building buzzing with activity.

I’m teaching “Introduction to the Bible” and had 30 students.  It’s going to be a fun class because it’s a great topic and the people are eager to learn.  One of the things I enjoy the most is fielding questions during class.  The end goal of the class isn’t just information; it’s transformation.  As I told the class last night: “The goal isn’t to master the Bible but to have the Bible master us.”

Our team of volunteers and staff did a tremendous job pitching in where needed.  I’m already looking forward to next week — and resting accordingly!