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great things for God

We do not need to manufacture great things for God; God is more than capable.  But here is the incredible part: God chooses to display his power within us.  As we make ourselves available to God, it is “his power at work within us.”

This explains why we find ourselves serving in ways we never thought possible.  It is the reason why normal people do extraordinary things.

Having spent fifteen years in California, I had the opportunity to watch people surf.  A good surfer is not deemed good because of her ability to manufacture the waves.  That’s impossible.  It is her ability to ride the right wave that makes surfing enjoyable.

The same is true in your faith walk.

Too often, we think it is our job to generate spiritual activity.  It’s not.  It’s our job to discern where God is moving and then align ourselves with his power.

When we become a conduit for God’s power, we will move beyond what we thought possible.  We will see obstacles and opportunities in a new light.

The possibilities are endless when you serve a God of unlimited power.