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growth starts with you

Tim Milburn has a nice book on leadership entitled, “Leadership Starts with You.”  In it he suggests that the fundamental test of leadership is self-leadership:

The real secret to developing strong, lasting leadership starts with YOU learning how to lead YOU. Because the people whom you’ll eventually lead are wondering: If I can’t trust you to lead YOU, how can I trust you to lead ME?

One of the insights he shares in the book is what he calls your growth P.L.A.N.  Here’s how it works …

Purpose — What do you need to know and why?

Learning — Where do you want to learn it from?  Why?

Assessment — How will you know you learned it?

Next Action — What will you do with what you learned?

His premise is simple: personal growth just doesn’t happen on its own.  To read more about P.L.A.N., click here.