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One-year-old birthdays are fun.  For each of our girls, we bought a cake with at least three inches of icing on the top.  The icing is a prerequisite for capturing a photograph you can use to embarrass them later.

It’s amazing how much children grow within the first twelve months of life.  Hair, fingers, toes.  Hair on their toes.  I don’t remember sitting down with either Hannah or Hope and sharing three steps on how to grow taller.  I did have a few conversations about sleeping through the night!

Growth happens naturally when the right environment is provided.  Spiritually speaking, we are told that growth happens when we are connected to the Vine (John 15:1-8).  Being connected to Jesus is the right environment for growing in our faith and love for God.

This weekend I will be teaching at Mountainview about what spiritual growth is, and what it is not.  Bring a friend and let’s have a great weekend.