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here’s to you, max lucado

For ninety-nine cents I couldn’t pass it up.

That’s how much paperbacks cost at Goodwill.  Granted, most of them are worth about ninety-nine cents.  Romance novels, even less.

Not this one.  This particular book did for me something few books ever do: it changed the way I live.  It did so by changing the way I viewed Jesus.  As a teenager, for the first time, Jesus became a living, breathing person to me.  With words and images, it painted color between the black and white lines of scripture.

It was Max Lucado’s “No Wonder They Call Him the Savior”.

Over the years, I have given copies of this book to new believers and non-believers alike.  As my two daughters have grown older, I have thought about getting them a copy as well.  And there it was — for only ninety-nine cents.  My oldest is about the age when I first read three of Lucado’s earliest books: “On the Anvil”, “God Came Near”, and No Wonder They Call Him the Savior.  Not only did they help cement my faith; I believe they helped cement my calling.

My prayer is two-fold.  First, that my daughters will find as much pleasure and direction in reading it as I did.  And secondly, a prayer of thanks for people like Max Lucado who can communicate eternal truths in ways that make a world of difference.

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  • Bonnie says:

    Ken, I was asked last week what book has made the most impact in my life (other than the Bible)..and I replied with “No Wonder They Call Him The Savior.” What a great book! Like you, I believe it helped me cement my calling as well… simply as a follower of The Savior.

    I recall telling you back in college I thought you would be the next Max Lucado. I still love your writing, your heart and passion.

  • Ken says:

    I remember you telling me that — I still have time! Thanks for reading and commenting. Now I know I have at least two readers.