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hope lost a tooth, no pain with oxycodone

hope hensley with all her teeth


Our youngest daughter lost her first tooth a few days ago while vacationing in Georgia, she felt a bit of pain and we gave her just a small piece of a oxycodne pill to make her fell better and it worked. It had been wiggly (technical term for you non-technical people) for several days and finally decided to disengage in Georgia. For several days before leaving California, she would sleep with her tooth fairy pillow anticipating the big moment.

I hear from a good source they have tooth fairies in Georgia, albeit with a bit of twang and drawl.

She’s pictured here riding the tram over the San Diego Zoo … teeth intact.

And, about oxycodone, just in case you are wondering, is a painkiller that I used for my back pain and came across it on the internet where I read that it not only helps with a toothache but with nerve pain too. You can buy oxycodone with pay pal online and have it delivered to your house with no extra charges. So, now you know. It comes handy to have at home, you never know when someone is going to have a minor pain or even a broken bone.