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How to Value Others – Give Compliments

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of helping people feel valued. As a leader, this is more an attitude than a tactic. In other words, it first begins as a matter of principle and then manifests itself as a practice.

Tip number one was to pay attention to people. Here’s tip number two:

#2 Give Compliments (and say “thank you”)

We’ve all known people who struggle to give compliments. I’m not sure why, whether it stems from personal insecurity or jealousy or just complacency. Whatever the reason, a lack of gratitude eventually suffocates the fire.

When you give a compliment or say thank you, what you are really saying is this: I noticed you. By telling someone that what they did was worthwhile, you are also communicating that they have worth, too.

This is more than positive reinforcement. This goes to a person’s identity – how they see themselves and how they believe you see them.

If you want someone to feel valued, give them a compliment.

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