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human tetris

For whatever reason, I’ve become a regular viewer of the KUSI morning news. With my coffee in hand, I’ll catch a mixture of local and national news, with a little Rod Luck sprinkled in for good measure. I’ve decided Rod Luck is KUSI’s version of Waldo … each morning I find myself wondering, “Where are they going to send Rod today?”

They’ve recently created a new feature called “Wacky Videos” and it features strange-but-true videos. Last week they featured a dog that skateboarded and did jumps on a ramp. But by far, my favorites have been clips of Japanese game shows.

Of these, one in particular stands out. It was called “Human Tetris.” Tetris holds a fond place in my heart because it was one of the first computer games I ever had that was in color! Tetris is played by aligning different shapes into a pattern has they fall from the top of the screen.

In “Human Tetris,” contestants have different cut-out shapes sliding towards them and they must fit their bodies through the shapes. If it’s ‘L’ shaped, then they must form an ‘L’ and try to fit through. Most of them ended up getting whacked!

In a sense, that’s how it is with the spiritual life. We do not create God’s movement as much as we recognize what he is doing. And then it is our task to align ourselves with the direction God is going. And when we get out of alignment, we often get whacked.

My prayer is that each of us will find the right alignment and experience God’s power in us.