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As I write this post, it’s sunny and beautiful outside. By this weekend, there’s a good chance of rain and more snow. That’s one of the reasons we love Colorado (if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes).

There’s also many reasons to love our church. If you attend Mountainview, you often me hear say “one of the reasons I love our church” — because it’s true. We have many reasons to love our church. I thought I’d take a moment and share a few of those with you.

  • We are almost on pace to baptize one person a week this year.
  • We have doubled the number of Stephen Ministers who provide Christ-centered care.
  • We have doubled the number of teenagers going to CIY this summer.
  • We have doubled the number of middle school students going to Camp Como this summer.
  • Our newest church planting partner has been averaging 175 people since launching in February.
  • We have had $130,000 given to our EnVision campaign over the past two months.

These are just a few of things you can measure.

As a pastor, I see many more reasons to love our church in terms of morale and the positive attitude you have about our future. The intangibles, the things you can’t always measure in numbers. Smiles. People coming early and staying longer. People singing. Little kids who were born at Mountainview now running around the lobby.

We live in an age that encourages cynicism.

I hope you will take a moment to reflect on what is good about your church, whichever church that might be.