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i’m a poll worker, baby

About six weeks ago I get this letter in the mail from the San Diego County Registrar’s office. It’s asking for volunteers to serve as poll workers for the November 8 vote. Why not! I’ve always been interested in the process and figure it would be a good way to meet people in the neighborhood — at least those who vote and aren’t deadbeats.

Then last week I receive this 35 page booklet that I’m supposed to read before arriving at the poll. Let me tell you about arriving at the poll … I’m supposed to be there at 6 AM and the poll doesn’t close until 8 PM! That’s 14 hours of civic duty and I’m not even paying for a petty crime. But, hey, I’m up at 5 AM anyway.

It was an interesting experience. Not brain surgery. That’s not to say that it was entirely easy. The local and state governments have created a myriad of hoops, requirements, and responsibilities that must be followed every election. Much to my regret, no dead people tried to vote and no one appeared to be disenfranchised.

I worked alongside three ladies, the youngest being somewhere around 60-65 years old. It turned out to be quite fun as these ladies liked to talk. Every now and then I would pipe in with a comment or funny remark just to liven things up a bit. One lady returned from her break and told me she had told her husband that she was working alongside a minister. He remarked that she had better watch what she says. She told him I was “cool.” 🙂

I did get a chance to see many of the neighbors I already knew and to meet others who live close by. Will I do it again … probably. Somebody has to do it.