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i’m alive

No worries … I’m still around. For whatever reason, updating the blog has taken a backseat to living life 🙂

On the family front: all three girls and both cats are doing fine. Hannah and Hope are both progressing well at school and softball. It’s been exciting to watch both of them improve and get better. Tonya is excited to have her parents coming out in a few weeks. Pokey and Smokey are enjoying our new leather couches.

On the church front: we had our best crowd year-to-date on Easter. A good number of our guests were locals, which is always exciting. Several good stories are beginning to percolate.

On the job front: still a mixed bag. I’ve continued to send out resumes for local jobs and have begun pursuing freelance options. I’ve landed a few freelance projects but will definitely need more to afford the good coffee.

On the picture front: I’m hoping to upload a new batch soon … just to prove we’re still alive!