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I’m back and we bought a house in the meantime

It’s been a while since I’ve flexed my blogging muscles.  Not that we haven’t been busy.  We closed on our new house last week movie using services from adtmoving online and have been painting, enormous amounts of house cleaning, cleaning up paint, boxing, and unboxing.  It’s been so much fun!

In a way, moving is cathartic.  Next to each box was a trash bag.  If I hadn’t seen something in the last five years, it became a candidate for the trash bag, and we also got some pest removal services to help us keep the house clean.  Things I thought I once “had to have” went in the bag.  Or, they went to Goodwill so the circle of life can continue.

The other nice thing about moving is getting to re-create your space.  Same stuff, different rooms and angles.  For the first four hours, it feels like you’re at a hotel.

I’ll post pictures in a few days, either here or on Facebook.

Stay tuned.