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Finally … it’s been over a week since I’ve last posted a blog. I’m sure this has been a major bummer for at least three people, two who probably live in the far reaches of Siberia. Thanks for reading!

Since 2003, I have had ongoing back troubles. If you were to ask my Georgia-based chiropractor, he would tell you I have a herniated disk in the my lower back. Ask the orthapedic and he would say it was two degenerative disks. Either way — it hurts when it flares up!

Well, it flared up last Wednesday. Which meant that Wednesday and Thursday were spent lying on my side watching television. I felt my mind and body begin to adjust to the news cycle. Same stories every 30 minutes. By Friday I was able to move around, even drive to breakfast. Spent the latter part of the day back on the bed. By Saturday I was able to walk for extended periods of time. By Sunday I was able to speak at both services, though I confess to running out of gas midway through the second message.

Whenever this flares up, it creates an odd sight. My legs will be straight but my upper torso will be slanted to the left. I stretch, sleep on my left side only, and occasionally try to physically move my body back into alignment.

This time around, I started taking MSM as well as additional calcium. I also reverted to something that is probably due to my dad’s influence — I purchased apple cider vinegar and began drinking three tablespoons three times a day. There’s no way I could drink that stuff straight … I mix it with either honey and water or just straight apple juice. Does it help — who knows!

Today is Wednesday, one week later, and I’m standing straight again. On my “to do” list once it settles even more is to lose a few pounds and start exercising.

Well … there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know.

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  • Jim Tudor says:

    Hi Ken!

    Glad to know you are among the living again. I assume this had nothing to do with my “keep stretching” comments to your previous post. Thanks for your continued help with the website.