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i’m starting to get gray hair

I can only remember my dad having gray hair. As the youngest of five boys, I came along when dad was 42 years old. My little league buddies would ask, “Hey, is that your grandpa?” But in spite of the hereditary propensities and having two small children, I’ve been blessed to have avoided the gray hairs …

Until deciding to plant a church. Lately I’ve noticed a few stray grays shooting up above the ears on both sides. I’ve had hints of gray in my goatee for quite some time, but that doesn’t really count.

It might be the result of all the little details that a pastor takes for granted when serving in an existing church. Details that a church planter cannot take for granted. LifePoint made the decision not to use the typical metal communion trays many churches use. It’s not our style. OK, so what is? You have to use something! And it has to be fairly easy to pour, not too messy to clean up, and look “cool.” Just kidding about the cool thing … but serving it in a Winnie the Pooh pitcher is not an option.

I whittle away at my “to do” list but somehow it seems to regenerate itself, not incrementally but exponentially. If only church growth were so easy.