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A little background will help you appreciate this even more. We (LifePoint) applied for a non-profit mailing permit in early July, told it would only take about two weeks to receive approval. We have 80,000 direct mail pieces in the process of being printed for delivery next week.

Two weeks came and went and I decided to stop by to check on the status. Local post office says it has no way of checking; everything is handled in Memphis. So … I leave for Atlanta and return to local post office again today hoping the regular clerk is back from vacation. No such luck. So … I call Memphis.

And … THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF OUR APPLICATION. None. Not even a whiff. I’m told to overnight another application, with supporting documentation, and hope that the supervisor can do a quick approval. My credit card was charged $300 back in July but no record of the application ever being received exists. Our local post office has a photocopy of our application, seemingly indicating that the original was mailed. But it got lost in the mail.

It’s no wonder they say planting a church increases a person’s ability to trust in God.