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Inertia is not Your Friend

It’s called by different names, but it’s still inertia.

  • Status quo
  • Standing still
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Stuck
  • Bored
  • Flat
  • Phoning it in

In physics, a basic definition of inertia would be “the tendency of a body to resist acceleration or a change in its motion.” We can thank Sir Isaac Newton and his first law of physics for helping us understand the nature of inertia:

For the motion of an object to change, an external (outside) force must act upon it.

Inertia is one of the worst things that can happen in a marriage. A healthy marriage embraces change. If two people never mature past the level of maturity they had when they got married, don’t be surprised as the rate of conflict and disagreement increases.

The status quo has sucked the life out of many organizations. It shows up when we prefer the safety of a routine (even one that is no longer effective) over the adventure (and anxiety) of breaking new ground. New ideas need to be encouraged and rewarded, otherwise inertia sets in and the status quo continues.

How do you combat inertia? For one, it takes energy to redirect a rolling ball, a stale marriage, or a plateaued department. Energy requires effort — consistent effort. Honestly, this is why many people choose the status quo over improvement and growth – it seems easier.

In reality, inertia in a marriage or organization actually carries a much higher cost than does change.

Get moving. Do something different. Determine to improve. Most of all, don’t make friends with the status quo.

Experience and Background

  • Professor at Warner University
  • masters in business administration (mba)
  • presenter at the WFX National Conference
  • former president, Church Planters of the Rockies
  • helped start 2 for-profit tech companies

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