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influence and influenza

“The words influence and influenza are cousins.” — David Jeremiah

We are a contagious people and not just when it comes to germs and viruses and hand sanitizer.

Attitudes are contagious.  One sour person can sink an entire meeting.  A little grumpiness goes a long way.  On the other hand, a gentle answer to a harsh question can soften the atmosphere (that should be in the Bible!).

Vision is contagious.  I believe people are hungry for a higher purpose than Angry Birds or voting on American Idol.  A clearly articulated, passionate vision will spread — hopping from one carrier to another.

Morals (or lack of) are contagious.  Parents understand this.  It’s why we pray for our children to make good friends, to surround themselves with positive influences.  But what about at work?  When a leader lacks a moral compass, the moral temperature gets set at whatever degree is in the room and it is usually the lowest common denominator.  When you refuse to bend or twist or cut a corner, that sense of integrity becomes contagious.

Generosity is contagious.  So is compassion.  As well as kindness.

What else have you caught lately?