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influence and integrity

Leadership has been rightly defined as influence.  Paraphrasing John Maxwell, if you think you are leading people but no one is following you, you’re just taking a walk.

Without influence, a person is not a leader.

Without integrity, a person does not have influence.

You can motivate (influence) people out of fear or guilt for only so long.  And after a while, the law of diminishing returns kicks-in and it actually becomes counter-productive.  Leaders who use fear to get things done are developing followers who will grow resentful.

Leaders with integrity know that character matters more than competency.  Ideally, a leader will have both.  But if I had to choose between a leader with high character and average competency or high competency and average character … it’s a no-brainer.  Choose otherwise and you’re setting yourself up for disappointment; or worse, disaster.