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information and nutrition

It’s an incredible time we’re living in.  With a few clicks of the mouse, we have more information available to us than we can imagine.  I can read theological journals, follow thought leaders on Twitter, and scan blogs ranging from marketing to ministry.

In our day, we have instant access to more teaching about the Bible than any generation before us.

And what has been the result?

Biblical literacy is decreasing, not increasing.  Cross-shaped values seem on the decline.  Servant leadership remains a niche not the norm.  Christ-followers gossip at the same level as non-believers.

Here’s the truth: Simply looking at food doesn‘t nourish you.  Moving it around on your plate doesn’t fuel the body.  Attending lectures about the five food groups might be slightly entertaining but won’t satisfy your hunger.

You have to eat it.

The same is true with the Bible.  Listening to others talk about the Bible won’t feed your soul.  That’s a spiritual snack, not the full meal.  To experience the growth God desires for you, you must dig into the Word, wrestle with it, memorize it, and practice it.  It has to move from your plate to your belly.