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insecurity minimizes potential

Over the last few days I’ve been watching online training videos from the Association of Related Churches.  ARC exists to help start churches that start churches.  The training videos feature Chris Hodges, senior pastor at The Church of the Highlands.

Yesterday I watched a video entitled, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.”  At the end, the late Billy Hornsby spoke for a few minutes and said this: “You cannot be insecure and build great teams.”

That one line was worth the entire video.

Effective leaders are not perfect nor superhuman.  In fact, effective leaders know their strengths AND their weaknesses.  Being secure in their strengths, they know better than trying to operate in areas of weaknesses.

When a leader is insecure, it shows up in many different ways.

  • Insecure leaders hold too tightly to things they should let go of.
  • Insecure leaders have more answers than they do questions.
  • Insecure leaders will persist in a wrong direction rather than admitting failure.
  • Insecure leaders will lash out at those they perceive to be more secure.
  • Insecure leaders lead from moods rather than convictions.
  • Insecure leaders find it hard to rejoice in the success of others.

This principle applies to families, classrooms, board rooms, as well as in the church.

What has been your experience?