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is normal now a mental disorder

A long time ago I signed up for Google alerts, a service of Google News that grabs news stories that match a profile you create and emails the link to you. It’s wonderful. Especially if having 100 + emails in your inbox makes you feel like more of a man. Seriously, I love it.

OK, so today I get this headline that reads, “Is Normal Now A Mental Illness?” What a great title … and an interesting question. In a world that celebrates abnormality and weirdoes, what is normal any more? Are you normal? Am I normal? What is normal?

It made me think that Jesus himself was not normal. He didn’t operate the way the “normal” leaders of his day did. He didn’t manipulate. He didn’t coerce people into following him. He didn’t sit back and demand that people bring him a drink. He didn’t berate those that fumbled and stumbled in their attempts to serve him.

If being “normal” means acting like the guy who chews out the cashier in a grocery store line, maybe we shouldn’t aspire to being normal.

If being “normal” means behaving like a three-year-old when things don’t go our way, perhaps being normal isn’t the way to go.

Just something to think about …