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i’ve been goosed

After enjoying the Julian Melodrama and returning home, I did a quick turnaround and zipped over to La Mesa for a concert by the Gooses. Little did I know that it was also Octoberfest in downtown La Mesa. The closest I could park was about a mile away (not such a bad thing after eating apple pie in Julian).

Cosmos Cafe was packed to standing room only. And it was good to see people ordering coffee. The Gooses played for about an hour and hammed it up as usual. Dave decided to sport a nice 80s-styled headband. They play an unusual brand of music that is somewhat reminescent of Barenaked Ladies — both musically and lyrically. In other words, it’s just plain fun.

I’m not sure where their inspiration comes from but I have suspicions that it involves late-night television and old Mexican food.

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  • Ben says:

    Hey Ken, I have a good friend that lives in El Cajon. He’s the pastor of a Christian and Missionary Alliance church in El Cajon. Do you know where that is?

  • ken hensley says:

    Ben, I’m not sure but this is what I found on the cma website:

    Cornerstone Christian Church
    401 Broadway
    El Cajon, CA 92021-5498
    Phone: 619-440-2778