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judge who?

I was trapped. Even as I tried to work and do something productive, I found my attention being drawn back to the television.

On Tuesday, I found myself inside the local automotive shop while I waited on them to finish several repairs. Unfortunately for me, the television was tuned in to what must have been the all Judges channel. Judge Alex Ferrer followed by Judge Judy.

I’m sure I’ve probably forgotten one or two of the others. But you have to understand that after several hours, my mind was jumbled and I began rooting out loud for different plaintiffs or defendants.

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that the judge from the Anna Nicole Smith trial didn’t have his own show yet.

The whole experience lead me to one conclusion: we are a strange bunch of people. Unfortunately, we beam the best and worst of our television programming to the rest of the world. I wonder if they think we all go before Judge Judy to settle disputes over bad hair extensions.

But if I ever do get a bad hair extension, I’ll know where to go to get it resolved.

Our mission here at LifePoint is to point people to real life in Jesus. In case you’re wondering, real life isn’t often found on daytime television.

Real life as a Christ-followers is about following God into a life of adventure. It requires a depth of soul and spirit not often found in our cosmetic culture. It welcomes and embraces big challenges and opportunities.

I would go on … but Judge Joe Brown is about to hear his first case.