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How do you determine whether or not a person has leadership potential?  It’s simple … watch what they do when they don’t have to do anything.

Last night at church we cancelled our children’s program and adult classes due to a fierce snow storm that dropped on us.  Within the span of about thirty minutes the street in front of our church building was snowed over and cars were spinning out trying to climb the hill.

As I’m inside answering questions, three guys went out and began pushing cars.  Even more amazing, one hadn’t been at church but came when he noticed the snow storm.  When I finally could, I went out and joined them.

For the better part of almost 90 minutes, these three guys directed traffic, coached drivers, and crawled under cars.  It was a sight to see!

When we ask, “What does a leader do?” we’re assuming that a leader does something.

Don’t just listen to what a person says; watch what they do when they don’t have to do anything at all.