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ken’s blogpoint now using blogger beta

I made the decision after a few weeks of hesitating to upgrade to Blogger’s new beta version. It has some slick features that I finally succumbed to. Two that attracted me were the abilities to give your posts “labels” or categories. Other blogging software has incorporated this feature for quite some time. The other feature is the “drop and drag” template editing. It would be nice if someone developed elements for Digg, Technorati, and some of other common blogging add-ons.

What continues to puzzle me, however, is why Google/Blogger doesn’t have 3 column templates as part of their standard offering. It seems like that would be a fairly common template. So … if you use Blogger beta and would like a 3 column template, click here. This is the site where I found the code to rework my 2 column template into a 3 column template.

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  • Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc says:

    i moved my main blog to the beta too, after hesitating like you did- I like the labels a lot… or ‘tags’ as other sites call them- they may help with search engine optimization actually- thanks for the link on the 3 column, will have to check that out