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leadership seasons

One of the things I enjoy about living in Colorado is the changing of seasons.  Don’t get me wrong: having an average daily temperature of 70.5 degrees (as we did in San Diego) is not all that bad.  But I enjoy the turning of leaves, a crisp morning, and a fireplace at a night.  I’m not necessarily a big fan of shoveling snow – nor do I expect it to grow on me.

Just as the world around us goes through seasons, we experience seasons in life.  It might generational seasons, such as youth, adolosence, middle age, etc.  It might life-stages such as marriage, parenting, or retirement.

Spiritually-speaking, seasons may come in the form of dry bouts where we pray but nothing seems to happen.  Or it could be a season of growth, a time of seeing God work in ways we never imagined.

Leadership has its seasons, too.

Any leader who has led for any length of time knows that there will be different seasons.  Tests, challenges, opportunities, conflicts, tensions, uncertainties, wins, losses, regrouping.  The test of a leader is how they navigate the different seasons.  A season of opportunity may require a different speed and mindset than a season of challenge or change.

When the going is good, we may be lulled into thinking the season will last forever.  And when it is a season of testing, it is good to remind ourselves it is just that — only a season.

It’s important to learn the rhthym of the different seasons.  Will it begin with a burst?  End with a bang?  Encounter expected road bumps of opposition or resistance?  While the rthyms may vary, there is usually a certain consistent tone to the melody.

While not all seasons are equally enjoyable, they may be equally important.  A season of growth fuels further growth and optimism; a season of challenge may strengthen convictions.

In the end, seasons change.  As leaders, so do we.