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leading with courage

It’s not easy to be a leader.

Unless you are a leader who never makes a decision (which probably means you’re not really a leader), you’ll have to say yes or no to certain things.  Saying “yes” may green-light a project, giving life to a dream or aspiration.  Saying “no” may just as easily dim another person’s dream.

Either way, it takes courage to make a decision and stick with it.  Leaders are often tempted to change direction when a decision appears to be failing when it fact it may just need more time.

It also takes courage to admit a mistake and change course.  It may require apologizing to those who were originally told no … or putting the brakes on someone who was originally told yes.

Leaders must have courage to lead well.  Any decision carries with it risk and a potential upside (or downside).  A leader must have the courage to make the best possible decision with the information at hand … and trust God to be involved.