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After two weeks of a toothache getting progressively worse, I finally went to the dentist on Monday.  I’m thinking I’ll probably get a filling and be back at work by noon.  Instead, two hours later I’m waiting to have an oral surgeon remove my upper two wisdom teeth.  Sedation in oral surgery is a wonderful thing.  The last thing I remember is asking the dentist where he went to school and then I went night-night.

You might have played leap frog as a kid.  I wouldn’t recommend it for those over forty; you might pull a muscle in the process.  Then again, it might just be the next big YouTube moment.

As adults, we still play leap frog, only the jumps are different.  We start down one thought process only to have God point us in a different direction.  We leap frog over where we thought we would be to where God wants us to be.  Sometimes God asks us to jump without showing us where we’ll land — welcome to the realm of faith.

There are other times life decides to play leap frog with us.  A simple conversation may lead to a new connection, one that opens new doors, new opportunities.  Not all games of leap frog are positive.  We might find ourselves dealing with an unexpected loss, sending our lives in a direction we never considered.

The key to playing leap frog?  Trust and agility.  It takes trust to leap off the ground — literally or figuratively — and believe you’ll land where you need to land.  It also takes agility.  In the spiritual sense, flexibility is a virtue.  Do we need backbone?  Absolutely — there are certain things which are non-negotiable.  But we also need the ability to move quickly when God nudges or pulls us.

Hopefully you won’t have to have your wisdom teeth removed to play a little leap frog.