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learning curve

I’ve decided to tackle video editing software and have been playing around with two different programs: Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas. I’ve used Adobe Photoshop for years (through several versions and upgrades) and thought I’d be able to pick up Premier fairly quickly. Wrong. It looks like the type of program that requires locking myself away for three or four days of straight experimentation. Granted, there are times that is a very appealing concept but not right now.

Now on to Sony Vegas. On the surface, it appears to be easy-bake software but has surprised me with how robust it may actually be. Thanks to several online tutorials, I was able to figure out panning still images (commonly referred to as the “Ken Burns” effect). It has a healthy amount of effects, transitions, etc.

Where will I land eventually? For now, it appears to be Sony Vegas though everyone tells me Premier is the way to go for Windows-based video editing. Software ambiguity … that’s something the Mac fanatics never have to deal with.