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learning from stuntmen

Greg Stielstra at the PyroMarketing blog has an interesting article entitled “Are You a Stuntman?”  In it he explores the difference between people who fall and break a bone and stuntmen who fall and spring right back up.  Why?  Two basic factors:

  • Surprise vs. Expectation
  • Stopping the fall vs. Starting to land

Those who get hurt by falling are usually those who never expected to fall.  In other words, they are surprised by the fall.  Because they are surprised, they are also unprepared.  The life lessons are innumerable.

Stielstra also does a good job building off the old joke, “It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.”  As they are falling, stuntmen are planning how they will land.  It might look ugly but it’s planned and thought out.

Take a trip over to the article.  Read it and think about how to apply it.