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A few weeks ago I spoke on the topic of legacy. To be honest, I never thought much about legacy until I passed 35 on my way towards 40.

The type of legacy I spoke of was not fame or fortune but in leaving behind a positive influence. St. Paul told the early Christ-followers to take care how they built their lives. He reminded them that the quality of what we're building will eventually be tested.

Too often we live our lives recklessly. We blast down the highway surrounded by a ton of metal, weaving in and out of lanes. We treat significant relationships like ordinary socks.

I've spent more time lately thinking about what I'm leaving behind. Jobs aren't just about paychecks but about influence and impact. I want my children to know that I used my God-inspired abilities to manifest good things.

Perhaps it's as simple as beginning with the end in mind. Call it living on purpose or with intention.

Have you thought about your legacy?