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less inhibition, more discipline, better speaking

After more than 25 years of standing in front of people and speaking to them, I’ve become a bit more comfortable doing so — and hopefully a bit better at it, too.

Recently I was reflecting on two characteristics that seem contradictory but actually complement each other well when it comes to public speaking: less inhibition and more discipline.

Less Inhibition.  Don’t be so uptight that you make every else uptight, too.  Be yourself.  Be real.  Express yourself with emotion and vividness.  When I am “in the flow” in front of a crowd, the right words seem to show up at the right time.  This typically means I am less focused on myself and more focused on the audience.

More Discipline.  I can’t say everything.  During my preparation, I usually generate three or four good sermons but can only preach one of them.  The more disciplined I am about paring down to the essentials, the more effective my message will be.  This also allows me to be less inhibited because I have greater confidence and clarity in my words.

Less inhibition, more discipline, better speaking.