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lessons from a haircut

I go through these phases when I decide to cut my own hair … partly to save money, partly because it’s convenient.  Wielding electric clippers with attachments, I park myself in front of the bathroom mirror and begin crafting a work of art.   Most of the time, it’s pretty straightforward and the end result is acceptable.  I’ve often thought of warming up a towel, placing it on my face, and pretending I’m in one of those fancy salons … but that would feel a bit weird if someone walked in.

Along the way, I’ve learned a few lessons:

  • Have someone you trust trim the back.  This is as true for life as it is for haircuts.
  • Always trim longer than you think you want it.  You can always go shorter but adding length is impossible.
  • Try to not to trim your hair after drinking mass quantities of coffee.  One little shake of the hand and you’re getting a military cut whether you want one or not.
  • Never decide to do “a quick trim” right before Christmas.  It never works out the way you hope it will and you’ll have pictures to prove it.
  • If someone asks you, “Who cuts your hair?” respond by asking in return, “Why, do you like it?”  This will guide your answer.