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let’s bring everybody up-to-speed

Wow, it’s 2008 already and this blog was last updated one month ago. In the blogosphere, that is grounds for a time-out. It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to type …

Let’s see … where to start. Hannah and Hope are both involved in softball (opening day is this Saturday). We’re really pleased with their coaches and both girls are enjoying the game. What more could you ask for! Look for pictures to be posted once the season gets underway.

Hannah recently represented her school in the county-wide spelling bee for Christian schools. She came in second out of all the fifth graders. She was a bit nervous, but probably only her parents could tell.

Hope is working on a state report project on New York and will be dressing up as the Statue of Liberty 🙂

On the baseball front … my Christmas gift was season tickets to the Padres (20 game package). I’m stoked! As an added bonus, my parking garage for Blue Haven is a short five minute walk from Petco Park. Free parking! That alone should save me enough coin to buy a hot dog.

LifePoint is doing well and we recently launched a new LifeGroup (that’s our version of small groups).

For those of you snowed under, it’s never too early to love your swimming pool. To show my sensitive side, here’s a promo code you can use at Blue Haven Pools and Spas to save 10% of every purchase over $50 and get free shipping and handling.

Use “ILOVEMYPOOL” during checkout and we’ll do the rest.