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life from the national to the local

Yesterday was September 11, 2006. All the networks and cable channels had 9/11 specials. The President gave an address during primetime to commemorate the occasion. Even Monday Night Football included a special piece about remembering what happened five years ago.

Our youngest daughter, Hope, also had soccer practice yesterday. That’s a typical day – from the national to the local. As I approached the park where she was practicing, traffic was stopped and being redirected. The fellow in front of me rolls down his window and says, “Just turn around. You can’t get through because a girl has been hit by a car.”

What was a nuisance for him was a cause of concern for me. Both of my daughters were already at the park, having arrived with Tonya a few minutes before me.

I quickly parked and scurried to where a crowd was gathered. As I looked into the circle, I felt a rush of relief that it wasn’t Hannah or Hope and then suddenly realized … it’s not my daughter, but she is somebody’s daughter.

As I counted my blessings I offered a prayer to God on behalf of this little girl. She was bruised and scraped but was conscious and alert.

That’s often how life unfolds. We are bombarded by highs and lows. Hurts and hopes often reside side-by-side. May life never get so busy that another person’s pain becomes a nuisance to us.

Lord, let our hearts beat in sync with your heart.