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I’ve been re-working LifePoint’s website so it reflects an actual church rather than a church in planning. It’s 99% there … for now. A few of the tweaks include:

  • I’ve brought back the right-side modules to highlight upcoming events. This will give the site more flexibility as events increase.
  • Users can now download our Sunday teaching material and related graphics. This will be especially helpful to those LifeGroup leaders who will be using Sunday’s teaching as discussion starters in their groups. You’ll also get to see my teaching notes in their raw, unedited form. You may even learn to decipher my short-hand.
  • Our creative arts team now has a secured section of the site where we’ll post our ongoing creative planning ideas and assignments.
  • You can view our current and past media efforts, including mp3’s of our featured artists.
  • Jay has added a category entitled “Worship Thoughts” where he posts occasional, random thoughts concerning worship.
  • Of course, there’s now a link to this blog as well.

Feel free to email me bugs or broken links, that’s how we improve.