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living in the sweet spot

Tennis rackets have them.  So do baseball bats.  On any given swing, you know when you get it right … and when you don’t.

I’m talking about the sweet spot — that place on the racket or bat that produces the best result.  Hit it there and the ball takes off; miss by a few inches and you have a squibber (that’s baseball talk for a weak hit).

God has wired each of us with our own unique sweet spot.  It’s a mix of gifts, abilities, talents, and experiences.  The sweet spot may show up on the job or in areas we love to volunteer in.

When we’re operating in our sweet spot, time either stands still or flies by.  Athletes call this being in the “zone.”  Operating in our sweet spot energizes us and those around us.  When we’re outside of our sweet spot, it drains us (and, if we’re honest, it probably drains those around us, too).

Not every minute of every day will be spent in your sweet spot.  But if a significant portion of your week is spent on the outer edges, it will eventually catch up to you.

There are great tools for discovering your sweet spot: SHAPE tests and Strengths Finder are two that I have used.  Feedback from people you trust and respect helps as well.

Discover your sweet spot and try to live in it as much as possible.